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Discover the Freshness & Convenience of Canned Food

Explore our canned goods which preserves the freshness and flavor of your favorite dishes, delivering nutrition and taste right to your table.

Our Advantages And Expertise


Our exceptional designers expertly create high-quality, tailored tin cans


At MJH, zero defects and rigorous quality control define our tin production


We use a strict quality system with full oversight for order fulfillmen


Tsing offers end-to-end solutions for custom metal tin packaging

Your First-Class Custom Tin Can Producers

Connie specializes in the production of custom tin cans with exceptional sealing and sterilization to always keep your food secure and fresh.

  • Personalization: Custom Printing and Graphics
  • Sustainability: Fully Recyclable
  • Specialty Finishes: Varish, Gloss, Matte, and Embossment
  • Durability: Outmatched Sterilization and Sealing
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Custom 2-Piece and 3-Piece Tin Cans

Whether you need 2-Piece or 3-Piece Tin Cans, Connie offers ideal tin cans to suit your food packaging needs.

High quality

We use industry-best practices and comply with safety standards to offer 100% secure tin cans.

Rapid Logistics

We use advanced logistics to deliver tin cans quickly and on time.

Competitive Prices

At Connie, our custom tin cans are priced competitively to ensure maximum cost savings.

Comprehensive Testing

We rigorously test our tin cans to prevent sealing, leakage, and protect your food.

Why Choose Connie

With 10+ years of experience in custom tin packaging and production, Connie offers superior protection, extreme safety, and optimal quality to guarantee the freshness and safety of your food items.

custom tin can design

Design Expertise

We have some of the finest designers with the knowledge and right tools to design quality cans just as you need.

cost saving

Cost Savings

At Connie, we use sophisticated technologies and efficient logistics to ensure cost savings.

Reduced Lead Times

Reduced Lead Times

With a blend of efficient technologies and knowledge, we make sure to meet your requirements timely.

5,000 m² Factory

11Automatic Production Lines

300+ Employees

First-Class Tin Can Manufacturer

At Connie, we have a diverse team of dedicated tin designers who understand your needs, goals, and vision to create some of the finest tins you require. We are always open to communication and eager to listen to your needs. You can expect reliable support and guidance throughout the process.

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Connie's factoryConnie's factory

Hear from Our Customers

Discover just why Connie is the trusted and first-choice of customers and businesses across the world. Have a look at the experiences of our customers and see why they prefer our custom tin cans.

I recently purchased custom tin canisters from Connie for my food business, and I am extremely pleased with the quality and service. The canisters are airtight and keep the food fresh for a longer period. Connie's team provided excellent guidance throughout the customization process, and the end result exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!
John Smith
I quite like the cans!! The 2-piece cans ordered from Connie have significantly improved the shelf life of our products. The airtightness and sturdy construction ensure that our goods remain fresh and protected for an extended period.
Connie's ability to personalize the packaging with our logo and colors has greatly contributed to building brand recognition and loyalty. The cans have become a symbol of our commitment to quality, and our customers love them.
I was searching for a reliable supplier for custom tin cans, and I am so glad I found Connie. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, the entire process was seamless. Connie's team provided expert guidance, and the canisters were delivered on time.
I was delighted with the level of personalization options offered by Connie's custom tin containers. They were able to incorporate our brand's unique design elements and create truly one-of-a-kind packaging. The attention to detail and commitment to capturing our brand's essence was remarkable.
The custom tin cans have been a game-changer for my company. The tin cans not only provide exceptional protection for our products but also help us stand out in a crowded marketplace. The level of expertise and service provided by Connie is unmatched. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction truly sets them apart.
The customer service experience with Connie was outstanding. They were attentive, responsive, and efficient in handling all our queries and requests. From the initial inquiry to the after-sales support, they ensured our satisfaction every step of the way.
We were amazed by the durability of Connie's custom tin canisters. We ship our products worldwide, and the canisters withstand the rigors of transportation without any damage. Our customers appreciate the extra layer of protection provided by the canisters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions regarding tin packaging. If you require further assistance or have any additional queries, please feel free to contact us.

Yes. At Connie, we ship custom cans all over the world.

It generally depends on the quantity and designs of your tin cans. After listening to your needs, we can offer you an estimated timeline.

No. We possess the best of printing capabilities. With innovative technologies and extensive experience in the field, we print even some of the most intricate designs on your custom cans.

Well, it depends on the type and model of the can you need. You can contact us for further details.

Yes, we are custom tin manufacturer. It means you can let us know the shape, size, and design you prefer and we will make it for you.



Our customer service team is always prepared to work closely with you, listen to your needs, and give you the consultation you need. We will let you know everything about the designs, can types, and sizes we support.